Amrita Upreti

Beneficiary Name : AMRITA UPRETI

Age: 32


CYM, an effective platform to aware adolescents about available FP products and services.

Ms. Amrita Upreti (32) is one of the inspirational female health providers in her community. People call her "bhauju" meaning sister-in-law in Nepali out of love and respect. During COVID-19, she, and her husband selflessly helped people with their own expenses. People above 60, and children in school uniform get free OPD service in her facility. Due to this and a lot more, people respect them, especially Amrita for always being there for the sick and needy. She is straight forward in making remarks, therefore male and young clients were scared/ shy to approach her and prefered her husband instead for FP and other services at the facility. She hardly remembers adolescents and young clients approaching her for FP and sexual and reproductive related services in her years of services. 


After various MPHD training, she improved her facility, counseling and started treating clients with respect and dignity but still there was no increase in adolescent clients in her facility. Something was missing but she didn’t know what until CYM.


                                      Ms. Amrita addressing participants queries during CYM, Harion, Sarlahi

Amrita attended CYM with school children (youth) from Gyan Jyoti school. Participants that were scared to put up queries earlier, later asked FP, sexual and reproductive queries without any hesitations. Participants’ queries and confusions made Amrita realize  the real need of addressing adolescents’ unmet needs starting from her own facility. And after CYM, she changed herself, mainly her attitude towards her clients. She became more friendly and soft with them. As a result, male and adolescent clients flow visibly increased in her facility. Adolescents from CYM approached her for FP and ASRH services. Clients purchasing condoms regularly shifted to ECP after her counseling. She says, “Almost all participants in CYM were unaware of ECP, thanks to MPHD for the awareness." The meeting was indeed informative for youths to make the right choice, and to most extent showcased Amrita’s facility as problem solver increasing adolescent client flow at the facility. 



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